Inverters for Solar Power System

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Fronius Solar Inverters

GEN 24


With its energy management functions, WLAN connection and a selection of backup power options, the Primo GEN24 is perfect for private households.


The Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus features power categories of between 3 and 10 kW making it the perfect hybrid solar inverter.

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Enphase IQ7 – 7+

The IQ 7 and IQ 7+ Micro come with an unprecedented standard of reliability established through a million hours of power-on testing.

Enphase S270 & Enphase S230

Enphase S270 and S230 have the highest inverter efficiency for module level power electronics. With even more simplified design and installation, the S230 and S270’s all-AC output makes these units compatible with various storage systems.

Enphase Envoy-S

With production metering and consumption monitoring on up to three phases, Envoy-S is the perfect platform for total energy management and integrates seamlessly with the Enphase AC Battery.

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SMA Solar Inverters

  • Sunny Boy

    SMA SB 1.5 – 2.5

    This solar inverter has a broad input voltage range of 80 V to 600 V and is compatible with a variety of PV modules. Lightweight, easy to install and easily integrated with home networks for online monitoring, this solar inverter is an excellent upgrade.

    SMA SB 3.0 – 5.0

    Built to be extremely light and easy to install, with high-end communication standards that make this inverter future-proof and versatile.

  • Sunny Tri Power

    SMA STP 3.0 – 6.0 & SMA STP 8.0 – 10.0

    Experience a new level of interconnectivity with automatic inverter monitoring with the SMA Smart Connected system. Each individual solar inverter undergoes 24/7 monitoring by the experienced SMA team with proactive communication whenever a fault is identified.

    SMA STP 15000TL – 25000TL

    Purpose built for large-scale and industrial applications, the extraordinarily high-yield and 98.4% efficiency of this solar inverter is also known for its incredible flexibility and compatibility due to multistring options and wide input range.


    With a unique design and innovative installation method, the CORE1 is the world’s first free-standing string inverter for rooftop and ground-based PV systems. The CORE1 provides customers with savings on labour, logistics and power usage like never before.

  • Sunny Island


    The Sunny Island battery inverter is ideal for on and off grid installations. This inverter is easily configured and monitored using smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to use solar power around the clock with the inverter’s ability to store self-generated power.

  • Sunny Boy Storage

    SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5

    Solar Systems with Sunny Boy Storage provide complete flexibility to meet any homeowner’s needs by allowing either the generator or battery storage to be individually extended or upgraded at any time.

    SMA Sunny Boy Storage 5.0

    The Sunny Boy multistring battery inverter allows for up to three different high-voltage batteries to be connected. The inverter comes with integrated emergency power and is ideal for new and retrofitted systems.

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This inverter’s light 10.4kg frame allows for single person installation and one-click configuration with quick wiring.

SUN2000L 8-12KTL

Experience the highest levels of safety with integrated DC disconnect for maintenance, type II surge protectors and residual current detection features.

SUN2000L 17-20KTL

With no external fans for cooling and a protection rating of IP65, these inverters offer customers some of the highest durability standards on the market.

SUN2000L 33KTL

3 MPPT for versatile adaptions to different module, adaptive edge MPPT for fast tracking and 6 string intelligent monitoring.

SUN2000L 42KTL

4 MPPTs for versatile adaptions to different layouts and 8 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting

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X1 Boost 3-5KW

High-quality single-phase inverters with unparalleled reliability and efficiency. These inverters have a wide voltage range and a max input voltage of 600V.

X Hybrid 5KW

This innovative hybrid inverter is much more than just an inverter. The X Hybrid is a comprehensive energy management system which stores solar energy in efficient batteries for use when you need it most.

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Enjoy the SG inverter’s compact, 11.5 kg, plug and play installation. Built-in surge arresters and residual current protection make this an extremely safe unit to operate and aluminium alloy die casting ensure a long, durable life.


Sungrow SH5K+ PV ESS was designed specifically to encourage customers to self-consume PV power as energy prices rise and buy-back rates drop.


An inverter with a highly optimised energy management system and smart home control that guarantees cost-effective energy control.

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  • Evershine

    Evershine TLC4KW – 10KW

    Simple, reliable, easy to use three phase inverters with 98.1% efficiency, easy to handle and perfect for large residential or small commercial locations.


  • Eversol

    Eversol TLC15KW – 20KW

    When it comes to powering small commercial PV plants, this inverter is the ideal choice. With 98.3% efficiency, max input voltage of 1000V and IP65 protection rating, the Eversol TLC Series is fast becoming an industry leader.

  • Zeverlution

    Zeverlution S 1KW-3KW

    A simple, affordable PV inverter with a significantly reduced weight and a higher efficiency of 97.5%.

    Zeverlution 3.6KW – 5KW

    This inverter features dual MPPT for flexible installation and SUNCLIX connectors for toolless DC wiring.

    Zeverlution Pro 33KW

    High efficiency, low start voltage, a wide MPPT range and comprehensive grid and plant management functions make this inverter a fantastic choice for large plants.


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