Solar Panels with Battery Storage

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Tesla Powerwall 2

The highly-anticipated Tesla Powerwall 2 is a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery used for storing solar energy to power a home during outages, night time and periods of bad weather. This unit is also capable of charging efficiently in below freezing temperatures, which is something lithium-ion batteries often struggle with. The Tesla Powerwall 2 allows users to monitor and even manage energy usage remotely and even anticipate bad weather through real time weather alerts.

The battery is designed to work with a solar photovoltaic system which comprises solar panels and the necessary hardware to convert energy from the sun to electricity that can power a home.

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LG Chem

The LG Chem battery is a compact and powerful solar energy storage system which can be installed discretely in a garage of covered area. It integrates with your current rooftop solar system and stores excess solar energy for emergencies and sudden powercuts. LG Chem provides customers with a level of energy flexibility, quality and freedom like no other system. LG Chem RESU batteries are designed to pair with nearly any solar panel and feature efficient lithium ion energy storage which provide your family with a significant energy back up.

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Enphase strives to solve solar power’s most difficult dilemma, how best to store solar energy efficiently and safely for when it is required most. The Enphase AC battery is the powerhouse of the highly-regarded Enphase Storage System. The unique combination of an Enphase microinverter, a zero-maintenance battery management system and extremely stable, quality iron-based lithium battery cells allow Enphase to provide your home with seamless energy storage, ready to be used by your family whenever you need it.

Home Solar Battery Installation in Sydney 

At Beyond Solar, we believe in providing end-to-end, customised solar battery solutions for every kind of home. Our highly-experienced team of solar energy professionals is fully licensed and committed to providing you with prompt, transparent service and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Learn more about us, or contact us today for a free quote. Browse our website for more information on solar panels and inverters.