Castle Hill, NSW Installations

Solar Panels installed on the terrace of the building


  • 6.5KW Capacity
  • Jinko 310W Panels
  • Huawei SUN2000L 5KW Inverter


  • 26KWh Per Day
  • 9.49MWh Per Year
  • Up to $2750 in savings per Year


Not so sure about solar panels? Don’t understand how they can save you money? Solar energy is the way forward, allowing owners of commercial or residential properties to source their energy in a way that is environmentally safe and sustainable. Solar power systems are a way of powering your home with the sun’s rays, not to mention a great solution for saving you money. Beyond Solar embodies a team of solar panel installers who have a vast amount of industry knowledge behind them. With a passion for providing Australians with the most advanced way to obtain energy, as well as a serious dedication to providing premium solar power systems in the businesses and homes of our clients, we are the solar system installers Australia has been waiting for.


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