Avoiding Self Isolation Bill Shock

Worried young couple sitting on sofa and checking the bills

Social distancing, flattening the curve and self-isolation- are becoming our daily news updates. We are all adjusting rapidly to these new concepts in 2020.

With the stresses of dealing with what is going on in the world from a global, national, state and now postcode level, self-isolation will also bring new challenges and new issues for us to confront within our households as we battle through the health crisis.

Stay Connected with Beyond Solar Team

It is essential all of us stay connected during this time however this will see a massive trend in household energy consumption. Don’t let your electricity bill be something that is out of control. Take control and educate yourself on the best self-generated energy your household can use to reduce your costs. Start a conversation with our team and make that connection to do what is best for your household long term during and after this health crisis.

Electricity bills are one area where people will no doubt begin to see an increase- being at home more, means using more energy and most of that energy will be during peak times. In peak times, electricity rates can be as high as $0.54 per kWh.

Bill shock will be something that many households will have to deal with and with many people facing uncertainty around their income and employment, reducing expenses is going to be a key focus for many.

A solar system is a positive cash flow investment that can pay for itself from the savings on your electricity bill and help reduce your electricity bill significantly.

A 6.6kW will save the average household approximately $400 per quarter1 on their electricity bills- this equates to $30 per week. The same system can be installed on your home from as little as $22 per week2– giving you a positive cashflow of $8 per week- this means the system pays fd more!

All systems from Beyond Solar come with a minimum 10 year warranty on the panels, inverter and workmanship. Beyond Solar a CEC Approved Retailer and we employ our own teams of installers to give you a high quality installation that will last for years.

You can secure a system with only $100 deposit and if you are in Sydney Metro, your system will be installed within 4 weeks (up to 6 weeks outside Sydney Metro).

Take action today to eliminate electricity bill shock and call Beyond Solar for a quote on 1300 237 684.



1 Average savings based on 30kWh per day usage at a flat rate of $0.29 per kWh and utilising 50% of solar production usage. Savings may be lower in winter and higher in summer.

2 Weekly repayment to approved customers through our finance partner Brighte. Based on 5 year term at 7.99% per annum. Includes $200 establishment fee and $1 per week account fee.

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